Netflix refuses to hand over data to Canadian regulator

NetflixNetflix has refused to hand over subscriber, viewing and programme spend data to Canadian communications regulator the CRTC.

The US-listed streaming service had been ordered to disclose the information by 5pm yesterday by the CRTC as part of its ongoing hearings into the country’s TV sector.

Netflix had demanded confidentiality guarantees but the regulator had responded that while it does protect business-sensitive information, the US firm would get no special treatment above that accorded to other media companies with which it deals.

In refusing to disclose the requested information, Netflix cited its confidentiality concerns.

“While Netflix has responded to a number of the CRTC’s requests, we are not in a position to produce the confidential and competitively sensitive information ordered by the commission due to ongoing confidentiality concerns,” Netflix said a statement.

It added: “While the orders by the CRTC are not applicable to us under Canadian broadcasting law, we are always prepared to work constructively with the Commission.”

The regulator had suggested that Netflix might lose its exemption from local Canadian content obligations should it decline to cooperate with its data request. However, it is not clear what powers the CRTC has to enforce content rules on internet–based services such as Netflix.

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