Canadian pay TV subs in decline

Canadian media watchdog CTRC has issued 2015 figures that reveal a decrease in subscribers, revenues and employees across the sector, and an increase in costs. The sobering 2015 stats round-up from the Canadian communications regulator shows that cumulative pay TV subs decreased to 11.2 million, a 200,000 decline year-on-year. Across the cable and IPTV operators […]

Corus-Shaw deal gets watchdog okay

The merger of Canadian broadcast and telecoms groups Corus Entertainment and Shaw Communications has been given regulatory clearance. As both companies are effectively controlled by J.R. Shaw, despite operating separately, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has given the merger process the go-ahead. The new-look company would not “result in a change in effective control […]

Canada TV changes risk C$1.4bn loss, 15,000 jobs

An in-depth independent report on the changes sweeping the Canadian TV industry claims the new regulatory regime could result in 15,000 job losses and a C$1.4 billion (US$1 billion) reduction in the media sector’s contribution to the wider economy. The 104-page report was written by analysts at Nordicity and examines the likely impact of the […]

Canadian TV’s Annus Horribilis?

For the past 30 years the Canadian TV and film industry has been protected with domestic production quotas and tax breaks and, along with other sectors, has been supported by a government keen on protecting local industry from US encroachment. Inevitably such protection can lead to mediocrity and a lack of competitive edge, but it […]

State of the industry: Canadian kids TV

Digital disruption and an end to regulatory protection has some in the Canadian kids business worried, but while content providers have one less broadcaster to pitch following the sell-off of Astral Media’s assets, they are optimistic that the same new platforms threatening traditional TV will provide them with greater global reach. Mark Dillon reports. The […]

Netflix refuses to hand over data to Canadian regulator

Netflix has refused to hand over subscriber, viewing and programme spend data to Canadian communications regulator the CRTC. The US-listed streaming service had been ordered to disclose the information by 5pm yesterday by the CRTC as part of its ongoing hearings into the country’s TV sector. Netflix had demanded confidentiality guarantees but the regulator had […]

Clock ticking as Canadians demand Netflix data

Canadian communications regulator the CRTC has demanded Netflix reveal subscriber, viewing and programme expenditure data and threatened to waive the streaming service’s exemption from local content obligations if it does not cooperate. The CRTC, which is conducting an extensive round of hearings into Canadian TV, has demanded the data be delivered by 5pm today (Ottowa […]

Netflix urged to create Canadian content

The Ontarian government has seemingly suggested over-the-top service providers should either produce local Canadian programming or pay for not doing so, following remarks made this week. Assistant deputy minister for the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport for the Canadian region of Ontario Kevin Finnerty has called on media regulator the CRTC to create conditions […]

DHX gets $158m Family Channel takeover approval

Canadian regulators have given DHX Media final approval to acquire Family Channel and three Disney-branded networks for C$170 million (US$158 million). Having gained the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s permission to go ahead with the deal, DHX can now complete the deal with broadcaster Bell Media. Completion is expected on July 31, giving Teletubbies owner DHX […]

CBC and producers: Netflix should contribute to Canuck content

Canadian public broadcaster the CBC and the Canadian producers’ association have called for Netflix to be included in rules that require broadcasters to invest in local content. Netflix has been investing heavily in original drama, which until recently was exclusively coming out of the US. It has recently ordered a UK-produced royal drama series, The […]