Asian nets snag Cineflix fare

Redesign My Brain - Show ImageBroadcasters including Fox International Channels Asia have acquired programming from UK-based Cineflix Rights.

Ahead of the Asia TV Forum, which kicks off tomorrow, FIC has bought seasons one and two of the Cineflix Productions-produced Instant Cash and season three of The Cupcake Girls from Force Four Entertainment.

Discovery in India has bought season three of Cineflix Productions’ Food Factory, Mindful Media’s Redesign My Brain (pictured) and Back2Back Productions’ The Man Who Doesn’t Breathe.

Other deals saw Redesign My Brain go to Now TV in Hong Kong and Dogs with Jobs go to India’s NDTV. Nippon TV in Japan has bought season seven of Border Security, while rival broadcaster TV Asahi has taken season two of Mayday: Air Crash Investigation. NHK has acquired Animal Mega Moves and Strip the City.

In the Philippines, GMA has bought The Day Kennedy Died.

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