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Deals round-up: ITVX & Cosmote TV say ‘So Long, Marianne’; Fremantle does ‘Battle In The Box’; Be-Entertainment to shop ‘Celebrity Farmsitters’

ITVX & Cosmote TV say ‘So Long, Marianne’ ITVX in the UK, Cosmote TV and Star Channel for Greece, and Movies Best HD for Cyprus have struck pre-sale deals for upcoming drama series So Long, Marianne, with distributor Cineflix Rights. ARD’s Fabfiction (NDR, SWR, WDR, Germany) has also joined as a co-producer alongside the original […]

Show of the Week: Late Bloomer

YouTube star Jasmeet Raina (aka Jus Reign) brings “the excitement and absurdity of being a turban-wearing influencer for a decade” to life in this dramatic comedy series, which he says is, in part, “a love letter to my parents’ generation – the immigrants.” Raina, who is the creator, writer and star of Late Bloomer, plays […]

Show of the Week: Men Up

This poignant British comedy drama travels back to the not-so-distant past of Swansea in 1994, where five men are struggling with the awkward issue of impotency. Meurig, Colin, Tommy, Pete and Eddie are united in their pain, suffering in silence and questioning their manhood – that is until they receive a lifeline. The group is […]

Cineflix Rights launches ‘Property Brothers’ FAST channel on Roku, Tubi & Plex in Canada

Cineflix Rights has launched a new FAST channel dedicated to home renovation experts Drew and Jonathan Scott – the Property Brothers – on The Roku Channel, Tubi and Plex platforms in Canada. The Property Brothers channel offers more than 300 episodes drawn from long-running series including the original Property Brothers and Property Brothers: Buying + […]

Show of the Week: The Doll Factory

Set in 1850’s London, The Doll Factory is an adaptation of Elizabeth Macneal’s acclaimed novel that explores how a would-be artist starts to achieve her dreams but develops a dark obsession with her newfound independence. The story follows Iris (played by Esmé Creed-Miles), a woman who paints dolls for a living during the day with […]

TBI Scripted: How ‘Good Morning Chuck’ tackles addiction by going niche with heart

Mark Layton speaks to the star and creators of Crave’s Québécois comedy-drama Good Morning Chuck (Or The Art Of Harm Reduction) and how they blended fact and fiction to find the laughter in drug abuse rehabilitation. Hailing from St-Laurent TV and Connect3 Media, and among the latest additions to the Cineflix Rights scripted sales catalogue, […]

Show of the Week: Good Morning Chuck (Or The Art Of Harm Reduction)

Fact meets fiction in this French-language comedy-drama from Quebec that tackles the perils of substance abuse, addiction and rehabilitation with equal doses of humour and compassion. The show is inspired by the life of actor Nicolas Pinson, who stars as the titular Chuck, the host of a popular morning show whose nice guy public persona […]

Cineflix Rights moves into FAST with disaster, crime & property channels

Cineflix Rights is moving into FAST with the launch of three channels featuring shows including Mayday: Air Disaster, Murder She Solved and Tori & Dean: Cabin Fever. Real Disaster Channel, Crime & Justice and Property & Reno will be stocked with around 1,000 hours of content from some of the distributor’s longest-running show brands. The […]

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