Kabillion meets its Maker

Lyoko1US children’s VOD platform Kabillion has teamed with YouTube network Maker Studios.

Yesterday, Kabillion content such as Code Lyoko, Bobby’s World and Mix Master went live on Maker’s channel Cartoonium. Maker is one of YouTube’s leading online channels providers, with more than 165 million subscribers and 2.5 billion monthly viewers.

Furthermore, Kabillion will boost activity on its own YouTube channel, youtube.com/kabillion, which features content from shows such as Tara Duncan, DaVincibles, Bunny Maloney and Pet Alien. Both Cartoonium and the Kabillion YouTube site will feature regularly updated full-length episodes.

“We have been actively growing the Kabillion brand with over six million views on demand each month,” said Shea Fontana, director of digital media, Kabillion. “The next step for Kabillion is to expand further into the digital world. Partnering with Maker Studios offers a deeper online experience for our existing fans. Plus, it brings our content to families who may not have access to Kabillion’s on demand offerings.”

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