US Cable Upfronts 2011: History

History, the male skewing US cable network, is launching a raft of original factual entertainment series including competition series Full Metal Jousting and has renewed a number of its top shows.

The network, which is operated by A&E Networks and run by Nancy Dubuc, has greenlit series including T Group Productions’ Invention USA, Left/Right Productions’ data-based series United Stats of America and Full Metal Jousting and from Dirty Jobs producer Pilgrim Films and Television.

It is also in development with Stephen David Entertainment-produced civil war miniseries The Men Who Built America.

This follows previously announced series including Leftfield Pictures’ American Restoration, Original Productions’ Around The World in 80 Ways, Half Yard Productions’ How The States Got Their Shapes and Gettysburg, produced by Tony and Ridley Scott.

History has also renewed Ice Road Truckers, Only in America with Larry The Cable Guy, IRT: Deadliest Roads, Brad Meltzer’s Decoded, Top Gear, Top Shot, Stan Lee’s Superhumans, Pawn Stars, Swamp People, The Universe, Modern Marvels, American Pickers, Ancient Aliens and Ax Men. 

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