New TeeVee Live: CSI creator Zuiker looks to web

Anthony Zuiker, creator of hit crime drama CSI, says that his next show will be specifically tailored for the web. Zuiker told an audience at the New TeeVee Live conference that he was looking to bridge the gap between Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

"The problem with CSI right now, it’s a show that isn’t designed for Silicon Valley or other devices. We launched the show when it had no multi-device type of world. So right now the goal is to create new shows having all these devices in my brain, and create that from scratch," he said.

However, he added that producers had to be realistic with budgets for original web production. "My problem with watching television on the web is that when you sink $4 million into the show, then it’s hard to watch it on a tiny device. For web narratives you should shoot it for the web."

Zuiker is set to launch a new project – an online novel with attached web videos – towards the end of 2009. He has signed a deal with publisher Dutton to produce three thriller digital novels where readers will read online before being pointed towards the corresponding video content.

"The future of the one-off is over. It all has to work together. We’ll launch those books in the Fall of 2009. On the iPhone, you could read and then flick to the web video," he said.

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