Zodiak Los Angeles

Ardaban pair in Zodiak partnership, Gamson upped

A pair of top creative executives from Shine America-owned producer Ardaban are setting up shop with Zodiak Americas. Gameshow and format producers Cleve Keller (left) and Dave Noll (below, right), who form prodco Keller/Noll (Chopped), have signed a partnership with Zodiak to create coproduced unscripted formats for the US. This comes simultaneously as Zodiak New […]

Karsberg, Yeter make US formats switch at Zodiak

Swedish execs Joel Karsberg and Cem Yeter will move to the US to become joint chief creative officers at Zodiak Americas. The pair currently head up Zodiak Media production companies in Scandinavia, but will relocate as part of an effort to increase Zodiak’s unscripted development business in the US. They are credited with jointly leading […]

Zodiak puts Yates at top of restructured LA arm

Production giant Zodiak Media Group has named Tony Yates as CEO of a restructured LA division. The under new structure, Zodiak USA becomes Zodiak Los Angeles, with Yates, who was previously Zodiak Americas’ COO, taking a new chief exec role. In turn, Yates has appointed David Wollock from Zodiak’s LA-based Creative Innovation Unit as senior […]