Jon Giegengack

Hub: À la carte tastier than bundled pay TV

Existing pay TV bundles are getting less and less attractive to consumers and à la carte offers increasingly interesting, according to new data. According to findings from Hub Entertainment Research, only 40% of those with one pay TV subscription feel their needs are “very well met”. That number only rises to 47% among those with […]

Netflix influences viewing habits even in non-core genres – study

Having a popular content brand name like Netflix remains a key driver in picking up viewers, new data shows. Respondents to Hub Entertainment Research’s study claimed networks have no influence on what they watch, but their actual behaviour suggests otherwise. The findings, published yesterday, showed that 41% claimed network brand didn’t affect their viewing preferences. […]

Netflix ‘more indispensable’ than US networks

Netflix is the TV brand that US viewers would be most reluctant to give up, ahead of any linear TV brand, according to new research. Hub Entertainment Research’s new ‘Branding of TV’ report claimed “Netflix has become indispensable to many TV consumers”. When asked which TV sources they would keep if they could have only […]

‘Unprecedented growth’ at Netflix, Hulu, Amazon

This year has seen a 21-point increase in the proportion of US SVOD customers, with “unprecedented numbers” flocking to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, according to new research. The Hub Entertainment Research study found that 68% of the US broadband customers polled in 2016 subscribe to an online streaming service, up from 47% in 2015. Some […]

Netflix replaces live TV for young viewers, says report

Netflix has replaced live TV as the default television source for young viewers, marking an important shift in consumer behaviour, according to new research. Hub Entertainment Research’s ‘Decoding the Default’ study claims that 40% of viewers aged 16-24 use Netflix as their “home base” for watching content, with only 26% defaulting automatically to live TV.  […]