European Audiovisual Observatory

Study: new Euro channels target ents audiences

Entertainment and sports programming were the core of more than a quarter of new TV channels established in Europe last year, new stats show. Two-thirds of all new networks in Europe came from seven genres, with sports (15%) and entertainment (13%) leading the way, according to the European Audiovisual Observatory (EAO). Film-, documentary-, generalist- and […]

Data: US content dominates Euro VOD slates

American films and TV shows dominate the catalogues of Europe’s transactional and subscription VOD services, stats from the European Audiovisual Observatory show. A new study revealed 61% of TVOD catalogues and 67% of SVOD libraries are US-created films, with European content accounting for 25% and 20% respectively. Internationally acquired content represented 14% of TVOD catalogues […]

VOD playing crucial role in Euro content funding

On-demand services are set to become the main financial support for European content, a new report has predicted. Rules requiring support for European film and TV production within such services currently have a mixed impact, however, with considerable variation between different countries, according to the European Audiovisual Observatory. While cinema takings are stagnating and DVD […]

Internet advertising overtakes TV

Internet advertising accounted for greater market share than TV for the first time ever, in 2015, according to new research. The European Audiovisual Observatory (OBS) research shows internet advertising accounted for 33% of the whole ad market last year. The OBS claimed, however, that TV is holding strong in the face of booming internet advertising. […]

Films, series dominate pay on-demand services

Film and series channels account for over three in five of all paid-for on-demand services in Europe, according to statistics from the European Audiovisual Observatory. According to the Observatory, movies and series-based VOD offerings account for the overwhelming majority – 61% – of services, with generalist services and adult channels accounting for 12% each, followed […]

Media giants dominate Euro TV, US impact grows

A group of 15 media giants dominate pay TV within the European Union, accounting for almost 70% of the bloc’s pay TV homes, according to new research. The European Audiovisual Observatory reports that ownership is becoming more consolidated among this group as national players make expand beyond their domestic bases. Deutsche Telekom, Liberty Global, Orange, […]

European films falling short in int’l VOD market

European films are less successful in international video-on-demand markets than US movies, according to research by the European Audiovisual Observatory. The observatory’s report How do films circulate on VOD and in cinemas in the European Union, found that films produced in the EU are available on average on VOD in 2.8 countries each, compared with […]