Game of Thrones remains most-pirated TV show – TorrentFreak

HBO’s Game of Thrones has retained its unwanted crown as the world’s most pirated TV show, according to file sharing blog TorrentFreak. The epic drama has held the position for the past six years, and once again eclipsed AMC’s The Walking Dead as the most downloaded TV programme on fie sharing service BitTorrent. Adult Swim […]

Fighting the pirates

Illegal downloads and streams are directly impacting the TV business, but how far are they changing the distribution models of tomorrow, and what can be done to stop the flow? Robert Shepherd reports The global TV industry has always faced major challenges. Whether it was uncertainty surrounding digital switchover, the ongoing lack of diversity on […]

Game of Thrones pirated 14.4m times in 2015

HBO’s Game of Thrones remains the most illegally-downloaded programme in the world, with 14.4 million people watching the season finale through BitTorrent last year. This means the show has been the most-pirated worldwide for the past four years, and that the numbers of those watching illegally exceeded the number that watched legally through pay TV […]

BitTorrent enters original drama series market

Peer-to-peer sharing company BitTorrent is launching an original online drama series, putting it into competition with the likes of Netflix and Amazon. The platform behind the BitTorrent protocol is best known for allowing users to transfer huge amounts of data over the internet, which has led to various issues relating to illegal file-sharing. However, the […]

BitTorrent to launch paid content bundles

File delivery technology specialist BitTorrent is launching paid content bundles this summer, as part of its efforts to let producers distribute directly to fans. BitTorrent, which launched BitTorrent Bundles last year as a way for content owners distribute packs of content such as films and music, is now set to add ‘paygates’ to these bundles. […]

Thrones most illegally shared US show, CBS hardest hit network

New research into illegal file sharing shows that over the course of one week a raft of top scripted series were being shared by 3.7 million users around the world via the peer-to-peer BitTorrent network. Anti-piracy tech firm Ceg Tek conducted the research ahead of the Cable Show, the cable industry trade show that is […]