BitTorrent to launch paid content bundles

File delivery technology specialist BitTorrent is launching paid content bundles this summer, as part of its efforts to let producers distribute directly to fans.

BitTorrent, which launched BitTorrent Bundles last year as a way for content owners distribute packs of content such as films and music, is now set to add ‘paygates’ to these bundles.

In a blog post, BitTorrent said that this will allow fans to “buy projects direct from artists; giving publishers choice and control when it comes to funding their work.”

The crowd-funding service will launch with a new series by US producer Rapid Eye Studios called Children of the Machine.

The pilot will launch via a BitTorrent Bundle and will also air on digital Comic-Con network CONtv. Viewers that like the show will be able to buy the entire series in advance using Bundle paygates.

At the same time, BitTorrent TV apparently gearing up to launch a new TV service, after posting a job advert earlier this month for a senior product manager for ‘BitTorrent TV’.

In the ad, BitTorrent explained this is “among BitTorrent’s new initiatives that leverages the power of the BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol. This product aims to introduce to the world a scalable, inexpensive live streaming technology”.

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