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Opinion: The renaissance of co-production in the age of downturn

As international co-production execs descend upon London tomorrow, TBI’s resident scripted expert and CEO of Arrested Industries Anthony Kimble argues why Hollywood might finally be ready to navigate the new and exciting world of collaborative storytelling As the curtain falls on Hollywood’s hot labour summer, the post-strike entertainment hellscape is emerging, transformed and daunting. The […]

Diary Notes of a drama producer in LA, 2022 vs 2023

With the US writers strike finally at an end, Arrested Industries CEO Anthony Kimble reflects on the past five months and compares his diary notes from early September 2022 with a day in early September 2023… SEPT 2022, 07.00: Run through diary with maddeningly efficient assistant. With three projects in paid development, incredible new IP […]

TBI Weekly: Unpacking the reality of being a producer

TBI’s man in LA, Arrested Industries CEO Anthony Kimble, draws a line between the hugely stress-inducing episode of The Bear and the life of a producer as the US strikes drag on. Who’d be a producer? Earlier in my TV career, while working for broadcasters and distributors, I envied many of the producers I met. […]

TBI Weekly: Hollywood’s fatal attraction to reboots

Anthony Kimble, co-CEO of Arrested Industries, laments the rise of the reboot and its impact on creativity. There’s a new sound in LA. Rumour is that it’s the ominous death knell for the Golden Age of TV drama! It was only a few years ago that television started to compete with film as a medium […]

Opinion: In the long run… I’ll always love a limited series

In the latest instalment of his TBI column, LA-based exec Anthony Kimble, co-CEO and founder of Arrested Industries, argues that less can be so much more when it comes to scripted series. From Dahmer and Dropout to We Own This City and The White Lotus, limited (or mini or anthology) series have been punching above […]

Opinion: Arrested’s Anthony Kimble on staying nimble in a rocky market

In the first instalment of his new TBI column, LA-based scripted exec Anthony Kimble, co-CEO and founder of Arrested Industries, reflects on a bracing start to life in the US. I chose a great time to open a US office. Mass layoffs and cancellations in Hollywood, the writers’ strike planned for early this year, continued […]

Opinion: The perfect storm driving international content demand in the US

Anthony Kimble, co-CEO of UK- and US-based production and financing company Arrested Industries (formerly Fugitive), explores how the pandemic has led to a big demand for non-US drama in the States, as well as a waning appetite for local scripted content. As a Brit who’s recently set up a business in LA, there’s a lot […]

Arrested Industries & Merzigo snag 3,000 hours from Spain’s RTVE

Anthony Kimble and Merrily Ross’s firm Arrested Industries and Turkish aggregator Merzigo have struck a deal that will see them acquire almost 3,000 hours of programming from Spanish broadcaster RTVE. Arrested Industries, which rebranded from Fugitive in April, linked up with Turkish aggregator Merzigo in 2020 to acquire programming for AVOD exploitation and the RTVE […]