TBI Scripted October/November 2020

Issue includes,

Packing it up Scripted seasons have been getting shorter over recent years and Covid-19 looks to be accelerating this trend. Stephen Arnell explores the long-term implications.

Building an American Utopia Amazon Prime’s Utopia might be a remake of the eponymous UK drama, but as producer Sharon Levy tells Mark Layton, it’s quite a different type of show.

Script to screen: Brave New World US showrunner David Wiener tells Mark Layton how he approached updating the ‘prescient’ vision of Aldous Huxley for Peacock’s adaptation of Brave New World.

Bridging the gap Serialised drama has soared in popularity, but as the number of shows on offer continues to multiply, are audiences getting tired of long-term commitment?

Scripted Hot Picks TBI’s pick of the latest in scripted drama, including Trickster and Romulus.