Amazon Freevee orders immigration comedy ‘The Pradeeps Of Pittsburgh’

Lauren Anderson

Amazon Freevee has greenlit a comedy exploring a family’s first few months living in the US after moving from India.

The Pradeeps Of Pittsburgh (8 x 30 minutes) is from Sony Pictures Television and Amazon Studios, with Naveen Andrews (The Dropout), Sindhu Vee (Starstruck) and Megan Hilty (Smash) starring.

Freevee said the show had been inspired by the experiences of showrunner and writer Vijal Patel (Black-ish), with the series following the Pradeep family and “the humorous events” of their first few months after moving to America from India.

“As told through hilarious (and often conflicting) flashbacks from an interrogation room, the Pradeeps quickly find themselves embroiled – romantically, personally, and professionally – with a polar-opposite neighborhood family, leading to a predicament with many surprising twists,” Freevee added.

“This show is from a very personal place, and explores the many facets of the immigrant struggle,” said Patel. “As my parents say, the pain got funnier over time – like wine.”

Lauren Anderson, head of AVOD original content and programming at Amazon Studios, said the show “shines a comedic light on the centuries-old, universally relatable first-generation experience.”

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