Netflix most-watched led by South Korea’s ‘Hellbound’ & Colombian telenovela


South Korean drama Hellbound and a Colombian telenovela were the most-watched shows on Netflix last week, according to the global streamer’s recently launched rankings site.

Subscribers watched Hellbound, which is based on director Yeon Sang-ho’s Webtoon digital comic of the same name, for a total of 43,480,000 hours between 15 to 21 November.

That meant it was the most-watched show during the week on Netflix, while the second season of Colombian telenovela The Queen of Flow, which debuted on local broadcaster Caracol, took second spot on the non-English chart with 38,640,000 hours,

It was also viewed more than the most-watched English-language show, which was the first season of Arcane. It garnered a cumulative 38,420,000 hours during the week.

South Korean series Squid Game continued to draw in viewers with a total of 30,410,000 hours watched, while the second season of Tiger King only managed 30,030,000 hours, despite the show’s first season being one of the streamer’s major hits.

Tiger tempts UK & US viewers

Overall, the top 10 most-watched English-language shows accumulated 215,480,000 hours, while non-English language hours totalled 189,200,000.

The most-watched show in the US was Tiger King 2, which also topped the UK chart. The first and second seasons of Young Sheldon came second and third in the UK, with the third season of The Big Bang Theory offshoot taking fifth spot.

The numbers are based on total hours watched and come from Netflix’s own data, which is used to list its top 10 most-watched TV shows and films on a global and country-by-country basis.

Titles are counted from Monday to Sunday each week, with the list updated every Tuesday. Content is split into four categories: Films (English), Films (Non-English), TV (English) and TV (Non-English). Each season of a show will be counted individually, with repeat viewings counting towards the overall total.

TV (Non-English)

1. Hellbound (S1) – 43,480,000
2. The Queen of Flow (S2) – 38,640,000
3. Squid Game (S1) – 30,410,000
4. The King’s Affection (S1) – 15,640,000
5. Carinha De Anjo (S1) – 13,180,000
6. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (S1) – 13,150,000
7. Christmas Flow (S1) – 9,720,000
8. The Queen Of Flow (S1) – 8,810,000
9. Love Never Lies (S1) – 8,370,000
10. Yo Soy Betty, La Fea (S1) – 7,800,000

TV (English)
1. Arcane (S1) – 38,420,000
2. Tiger King 2 – 30,030,000
3. Narcos: Mexico (S3) – 27,540,000
4. Maid – 23,920,000
5. You (S3) – 23,460,000
6. Cowboy Bebop (S1) – 21,630,000
7. Dynasty (S4) – 15,060,000
8. Locke & Key (S2) – 12,340,000
9. You (S2) – 11,670,000
10. Big Mouth (S5) – 11,410,000

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