SPI International unveils Dizi streaming service

Black Money Love

SPI International has unveiled its new Turkish content-focused digital streaming service, Dizi.

The Dizi app is an extension of the acclaimed Turkish  channel of the same way, and will present viewers with access to series, telenovelas and soap operas.

Dizi features around 400 hours of content including series such as Black Money Love, Kurt Seyit & Shura and Insider with new episodes added monthly. The app will feature English, Polish and Spanish localized interfaces and 13 language options, with more to be added in time.

The service can be accessed by subscribers via the web, mobile devices and smart TVs, while SPI said that it aims to integrate Dizi with platforms and partner operators worldwide.

The Dizi service will officially be unveiled this week at a NEM Dubrovnik event.

Berk Uziyel, CEO at SPI International, said: “The launch of the Dizi streaming service signifies the evolution of the Dizi brand into a fully integrated service that combines linear and on-demand content propositions to bring the best series from Turkey and beyond to all available screens around the globe. As a part of SPI’s macro strategy, we offer good movies spanning all genres under one roof via FilmBox’s Home of Good Movies.

“Now with our Dizi brand, we introduce the Home of Good Stories, where in addition to some of the most sought-after Turkish series, viewers can expect to see top-quality series with powerful storylines from around the world in the future.”

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