Exclusive: Michael Schmidt’s TV-Scout partners with trend predictor Vault AI

Michael Schmidt

Audience insight service Vault AI and engagement tracking firm TV-Scout have struck a deal that will see the companies expand their predictive audience tools.

Vault’s initial focus will be to use data from TV-Scout to deliver models for unscripted content, predicting elements such as viewer demand, demographics and targeted positioning statements.

Vault was founded in 2017 and has operations in LA and Israel, while TV-Scout is headed up by former Red Arrow Studios CCO Michael Schmidt. It was launched in 2003 and has worked with companies including Discovery and ProSieben to provide data and insights to production and research executives.

The new partnership is designed to strengthen Vault’s AI-derived insights, which are used for decision making and analysing workflows across a piece of content’s lifecycle, from pre-development to post-launch.

Schmidt, who is MD at TV-Scout, said his company’s data would “fuel the next wave of entertainment innovation powered by AI” via the partnership with Vault.

David Stiff, CEO of Vault AI, added: “This partnership will give Vault exclusive access to critical data shedding light on the performance of new content, and will provide TV-Scout’s clients with direct access to predictive audience insights driven by state-of-the-art machine learning technology.

“We look forward to collaborating to help TV networks and streamers discover the most promising new content earlier, and optimise engagement by understanding from day one who the target audience is and how to maximise the content’s appeal.”

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