Smithsonian Channel preps Bayou short-form series

Last Call For The Bayou

ViacomCBS-owned Smithsonian Channel is marking the 50th anniversary of Earth Day with a new digital short-form series about the disappearing wetlands of Louisiana in the US.

Last Call For The Bayou, from Encompass Films, will be available on Smithsonian Channel’s digital platforms and its website from 10 April.

The show follows filmmakers Dominic and Nadia Gill bring five stories to life through aerial photography, a two-man drone team and a paraglider, all while capturing the “beauty and visceral nature” of Louisiana’s wetlands.

“The story of rising sea-level rise and land preservation, in a time of rapid change, is a complex story and we aimed to capture this complexity thoughtfully, through the diverse perspectives of Louisiana’s long-time residents,” said the Gills.

“We’re grateful to help bring this story to a wide audience and engage in the discussion around potential solutions for protecting our collective Earth.”

Earth Day is an annual global celebration to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

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