Hulu Japan to premiere Russian zombie series

Hulu Japan is set to premiere Russia’s hit zombie drama series The Day After on its platform on October 5.

To promote the launch of the series on Hulu Japan, the first episode of season one will air on Nippon TV (terrestrial) on October 6.

The show will then be available on TVer (an ADVOD platform jointly operated by top five terrestrial networks) for catch-up for one week.

The Day After is the first Russian drama series acquired by Hulu Japan.

Hulu Japan has acquired all rights for Japan from Art Pictures in Russia and has sub-licensed it both to Fox HE and to BS Nippon.

Kazufumi Nagasawa, chief content officer at Hulu Japan said: “We are thrilled to introduce our first acquisition of a Russian series to the audience in Japan.

“We believe The Day After has a huge potential in Japan given the popularity of The Walking Dead and other zombie dramas here.
 Needless to say, exclusivity is something we do care about, as others do, so it is very unusual that a series is premiered in Japan on OTT, DVD and TV simultaneously.

“However, we thought that there could be a huge synergy for promotion due to the “multiple exposure” achieved by launching across multiple platforms and have decided to prioritise overall exposure this time.”

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