Viacom launches Daily Show on Amazon Alexa in the UK

Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) is launching a spin-off digest of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah for Amazon Alexa users in the UK.

Customers that use Amazon’s voice control service will be able to access a Daily Show Flash Briefing, featuring daily new snippets from the Comedy Central late night talk show.

UK fans will also be able to use the Alexa skill from the Daily Show to find out information on when and where to watch the show, as well as the upcoming guest schedule.

The UK rollout follows the introduction of a Daily Show Alexa Skill in the US and VIMN said it is part of its wider push to “embrace multiplatform and next generation TV”.

“We’re consistently exploring new ways to engage and entertain our audiences and, following a successful roll-out in the US, we’re excited to be working with Amazon’s innovative voice service in the UK,” said vice president, strategy and digital at VIMN UK, Tom Frazer.

Fabrice Rousseau, general manager, Alexa Skills Kit EU, said: “We’re excited to add The Daily Show to our existing Flash Briefing line-up in the UK and enable customers to enjoy regular updates from one of the most popular talk shows in the US—just by asking.”

Alexa skills are a set of requests that can be made toAmazon Alexa-powered devices – namely its Amazon Echo and Echo Dot home assistants. Users in the UK can for example request news updates from a range of outlets including BBC News, Sky News and the Guardian.

The Daily Show has held a regular late night slot on Comedy Central in the UK since January 2013.

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