Fremantle and MTG digital firms launch music format

Formats-logo-460_2continuumFremantleMedia’s Tiny Riot! and MTG-owned Zoomin.TV have teamed to launch Continuum, a new music format that will start online before, they hope, transferring to TV.

The digital firms’ new format will see four YouTube stars from four different countries, who have never met each other, united to create new songs and tap into each other’s fan bases.

Fan engagement and social activity will then determine whether the artists will perform together in person. If they hit 400,000 YouTube channel subs they will performs.

The YouTubers – Sami, Sheffo, Joey and Jayden – are from the Netherlands, Italy, the US and Australia, respectively

Continuum brings together the format development strengths of FremantleMedia applied in a digital environment and the distribution and digital production power of Zoomin.TV,” says Arthur Clement, general manager of Tiny Riot!, the Dutch digital label at FremantleMedia.

He added: “With this format we will reach Generation Z and have access to a built in audience, thanks to the well-known performers and hit makers already attached. Continuum is in many ways groundbreaking.”

Tiny Riot! Netherlands will work with their digital counterparts at FremantleMedia Italy, FremantleMedia North America and FremantleMedia Australia, as well Zoomin.TV’s international team, to support the project.


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