Broadcasters lobby EU over Greek TV rules

Greek broadcasters are unhappy about the prospect of new regulation that would force DTT channels to sell advertising via a government-run online platform.

A two-week consultation on the proposed bill is about to end. It would force Greece’s DTT channels to set up an online advertising exchange and pay a 10% tax on all sales.

The broadcasters affected would be required to register all of their ad inventory online with advertisers bidding on that airtime without the further involvement of the broadcaster.

Greek authorities claim the measures will improve transparency.

The channels, however, object and have claimed the new rules could run counter to the key principles of the European Union regarding freedom to trade.

“The measure discriminates between service providers by restricting its scope of application solely to commercial FTA DTT providers with national coverage,” said the Association of Commercial Broadcasters industry group.

“This confers undue advantages to other market actors offering similar services. In combination with the 10% levy imposed on transactions, the measure may raise State aid questions.”

It added: “Commercial broadcasters call on the European Commission to take swift action to ensure fundamental rights and values are upheld.”

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