Twitch launches ‘social eating’ video category

Social eatingTwitch, the Amazon-owned video platform for games enthusiasts, has launched a new category of video dedicated to ‘social eating’.

Announcing the launch on the company blog, Twitch said that the content available on the service is inspired by community feedback and that eating broadcasts are already “very popular” in South Korea.

The new category will allow Twitch users to stream footage of themselves both preparing and eating food and the eSports platform said that while it has been inspired by Korean broadcasters, it will be valuable to the wider community.

“Social eating is a new category that allows streamers to interact with their communities while eating a meal, whether it’s taking a break from gaming or having a pizza party with subscribers,” said Twitch product marketing director Annie Berrones.

“For viewers, social eating is another opportunity to chat with streamers they love  –  kind of like eating with your friends.”

Twitch described social eating as “still very experimental” and said that user feedback will help determine how this type of content evolves.

Twitch will also update its rules of conduct and FAQ for this category as its social eating community grows.

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