In-demand charts: Poland (May 29-June 4, 2016)

TBIv_InDemand_Poland_siteOur latest fortnightly feature in association with Parrot Analytics reveals the most in-demand* shows from Poland, as we head into the central and eastern Europe-focused NATPE event in Budapest, Hungary this month.

Poland-Top-10-OriginalsPoland throws up few surprises: House of Cards and Game of Thrones are the most popular overall and digital series, respectively, in the central European territory.

On the digital front, Netflix provides nine of the top ten demanded series, with House of Cards well ahead of the second-placed Narcos by a margin of more than 685,000. Narcos, in turn, has more than 200,000 over the third-placed Jessica Jones, which is more than 100,000 demands ahead of Marvel cousin Daredevil.

The odd-one-out in terms of digital originals is Hulu’s 11.22.63, which appears on our European charts for the fifth time. The supernatural time-travel series appears well-set to become a cult classic in the region.

Poland-Top-10-OverallDrama series dominate the digital chart, with Star Wars: The Clone Wars (animation) and Trailer Park Boys (mockumentary / comedy) the only exceptions.

Game of Thrones appears at the top of the overall chart for the fourth time. With nearly 9.6 million demand expressions, it was well ahead of Pretty Little Liars, which continues to place well, in second.

Top Gear broke into our charts for the first time, placing third and taking more than 2.2 million demands. Though the reboot of the BBC series have been criticised, intrigue over its new presenters – and especially new host Matt LeBlanc, propelled the petrolhead property towards the top of the pile.

American soap The Bold and the Beautiful, which airs on Polish pubcaster TVP1, was the fifth-most in-demand series. This put it ahead of Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking DeadHouse of Cards, The Originals and The Big Bang Theory.

Further data, which will be published in our NATPE Europe-focused June/July TBI issue, reveals action and adevnture is the most in-demand sub-genre, followed by horror, children’s TV, drama, animation, comedy, variety, reality and – in last place – documentary.

*Source and methodology: Parrot Analytics assesses demand for popular shows through various ‘demand expression platforms’ including social-media and photo-sharing platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, blogging and microblogging platforms such as Tumblr, wikis and informational sites, peer-to-peer protocols and file-sharing platforms. Parrot’s artificial-intelligence systems assess billions of data points to reach the overall demand rating

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