Netflix preps Daredevil spin-off The Punisher

Scripted-logo-460_2Netflix will launch a dedicated Punisher series after the vigilante character appeared in another of its Marvel series, Daredevil.

Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead) will star as violent vigilante The Punisher, having already played the role in season two of Daredevil.

The streaming service has a long-term programming deal with Marvel Entertainment and has thus far put out Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Upcoming Marvel shows include Luke CageIron Fist and The Defenders.

Netflix has put out a teaser trailer for The Punisher, although there is no official launch date and precise details are thin on the ground.

On its Twitter feed the SVOD company said: “The Punisher is back. Locked and loaded.”

The Punisher, a military veteran turned vigilante after his family are slain by the mob, first appeared in 1974 in a Spider-Man comic book.



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