Calls for HK piracy reforms

Asia Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association CASBAA has called on authorities in Hong Kong to revise local regulations to better fight piracy.

John MedeirosCASBAA issued a statement ahead of a meeting of the Hong Kong Legislative Council later this week.

Industry executives say that while IP protection is getting better in Hong Kong and China, more needs to be done to fight piracy.

CASBAA policy chief John Medeiros (pictured) said: “Hong Kong’s intellectual property rules need updating to cover legal and illegal content through digital channels released, including entire programmes pirated posted online.”

Industry group CASBAA wants legislation introduced that would pave the way for the broader commitments in the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s latest treaty.

CASBAA says damage is being done to the local creative industries and jobs are being put at risk. Hong Kong’s Legislative Council will over 900 amendments to the territory’s copyright bill this week.

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