Adult video views rising fast

Adult content uptake is reaching new levels, with 136 billion adult video views predicted this year alone, according to new research.

That growth is expected to continue unabated, Juniper Research’s latest data suggests, with video views reaching 193 billion by 2020 – a figure up 55% on this year’s predicted total.

Smartphone ownership is driving the trend, with each smartphone user of adult content expected to watch an average of 348 videos this year.

The greatest growth will come in the US, though other more mature markets such as western Europe seeing a more moderate increase. Emerging markets will also see a marked increase, Juniper reported.

In developing regions, the spread of 4G and WiFi and increased smartphone and tablet ownership will see “rapid” uptake.

However, Juniper’s Digital Adult Content: Market Trends, Forecasts & Revenue Opportunities report suggests revenue growth will be “steady rather than spectacular”, though niches such as video chat and web cam offerings will outperform other parts of the overall sector.

Furthermore, the availability of free adult content would limit revenue growth going forwards, according to Juniper.

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