Netflix launching on pay TV service Fetch

FetchTVNetflix is set to launch on Australian IPTV pay TV service Fetch TV.

US-listed SVOD service Netflix will launch in Australia next month and ahead of rolling out has agreed a deal with Fetch.

An integrated app will be made available via Fetch’s second generation settop boxes that allows Fetch subs to sign up to and access Netflix.

Fetch TV CEO Scott Lorson said: “Netflix perfectly complements the Fetch TV service. We are now able to offer Australian consumers a world-class integrated entertainment offering at unprecedented value.”

“Netflix was impressed by the Fetch TV service, unique business model, and the committed coalition of telco partners,” added Bill Holmes, head of business development at Netflix. “By partnering with Fetch TV, we are making it easy for TV fans and movie lovers to watch Netflix on their televisions.”

Fetch has about 170,000 customers in Australia. It offers subs a range of pay TV channels as well as an on-demand movie service with about 4,000 titles. It is currently only available in Australia but has plans in place to launch in New Zealand. The Netflix deal will cover New Zealand when Fetch rolls out there, the company said.

Netflix has partnered with pay TV providers before, including Virgin Media in the UK, to allow traditional pay TV customers to access its SVOD service.

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