TV drives global ad spending

Advertisers turned to TV and away from newspapers and magazines last year, according to a new report from Nielsen.

Television accounted for US$350 billion in global ad spending, an increase of 4.3% year-on-year. A strong second half of the year in the US represented a 3.2% rise in overall global ad spending, according to Nielsen’s quarterly Global AdView Pulse report.

Overall, TV accounted for 62.8% of the total global ad spend in 2012.

“With 63 percent of ad revenue being spent to advertise on TV, it’s clear that the medium is widely regarded as the most efficient and effective way to reach consumers, continuing to grow especially in emerging markets,” said Randall Beard, global head, advertiser dolutions for Nielsen. “As we move into 2013, we’ll be monitoring which regions, sectors and media types continue to drive global advertising, and which emerge and propel the industry to new heights.”

Spending in newspapers and magazines dipped 1.6% and 0.2%, respectively, while internet display advertising and cinema spend were up 9.9% and 6%, respectively.

In Latin America, internet ad spend jumped 21.2% and Europe saw growth of 7.4%.

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