BBC3 opens Hotel of Mum and Dad

Youth-skewed UK digital channel BBC3 has commissioned a new factual entertainment series studying economically-stricken young couples moving back to their parents’ homes.

Hotel of Mum and Dad (working title) will investigate how sky high housing and rental prices, fewer jobs, debt culture and child care costs have lead to an estimated one in 10 young couples (600,000 people) in the UK moving to live with parents and in-laws.

The 6x60mins series will be produced by Tinopolis-owned Mentorn Media through its Mentorn Scotland subsidiary. Each episode will see a couple test drive a home that fits their budget, while looking at the awkward dynamics of inter-generational living.

A rep confirmed Mentorn sister distribution house Passion will sell the show on the international market.

Zai Bennett, controller, BBC Three, says: “In Hotel of Mum and Dad we’re going to see what life is really like living as a couple under the same roof as your mum and dad and if we can’t coax you to take those first steps to independence with your own home.”

Bennett commissioned the show along with executive editor, entertainment commissioning, Alan Tyler; and commissioning editor for independents at BBC news and current affairs Fiona Campbell.

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