UK animation industry to gathering to discuss tax breaks

The Children’s Media Conference is organising a get-together for the UK animation industry in the wake of the introduction of new tax breaks for the sector.

The event will be held in London on April 4 and will address different elements of the tax incentive including how to qualify, how to account, how to work with funding bodies and broadcasters, and how it will affect work with international coproduction partners.

Speakers will include Oli Hyatt, chair of Animation UK, Miles Bullough, Tony Collingwood and Mike Watts from Novel and Pact.

CBBC’s Sarah Muller will also be there an international attendees will include Irene Weibel from Nelvana and Mark Dhrami from Alphanim.

“The new tax incentive is already proving a winning formula to re-stimulate interest in the UK animation sector as it becomes more cost effective in a highly competitive international environment,” Greg Childs, editorial director of CMC, said. “This event will explain everything UK animation producers and their international partners need to know in order to take full advantage of it.”