Twofour making Angela Rippon holiday series for BBC One

UK indie producer and distributor Twofour is making a four-part series for BBC One, Holiday Hit Squad.

Holiday Hit Squad

Fronted by newsreader and presenter Angela Rippon, the show will, with the help of hotel inspectors, explore how best to make sure holidays across the globe live up to their promise.

Rippon will join the professionals who devote their working lives to helping unfortunate British tourists on holiday in Mallorca – the doctors and the consular officials, along with the long suffering Spanish police and paramedics – to find out what happens when things go badly wrong and what to do about it.

Andrew Mackenzie, executive producer and Twofour’s creative director, said: “We’re delighted to be launching a new travel brand on BBC One. It combines brilliant presenters, strong journalism and travel advice.”

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