BBC America ditches plans for US Come Dine with Me

BBC America has scrapped plans for a US version of Come Dine with Me, TBIvision has learned. The ITV Studios-distributed series has fared well internationally, but BBC America said that the planned US version of the show no longer fits with its plans following recent management changes.

The most significant change at the cable net, which is run by BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the UK public broadcaster, was Herb Scannell’s appointment last June. He replaced Garth Ancier as president of the BBC America and has instigated a programming shake-up.

BBC America, which has already aired the original UK version of Come Dine with Me, issued a statement to TBIvision confirming the US version will not now be made.

It said:  “BBC America has recently had a change in leadership and is focusing its editorial vision for the channel. Although a terrific format, Come Dine with Me doesn’t fit with these plans and will no longer feature in our schedule.”

In the show, amateur cooks make meals in their own homes, competing against each other for a cash prize. A 10x60mins US version, featuring contestants from the New York area, was announced last May. At the time, BBC Worldwide said that the US series would then be shown on BBC Lifestyle in Asia, Africa, Poland, Scandinavia and the Middle East and on the BBC Entertainment channel in Latin America.

ITV confirmed the US show will not go ahead, adding that it is already produced in 30 countries. The most recent commissions include TV3 in Ireland, CYBC in Cyprus and Manoto1 for Iran. The Iranian version will be produced by Marjan Television in the UK with ex-pat contestants and broadcast by satellite to Iran. A new multi-year deal with the show’s UK broadcaster, Channel 4, was also closed last year.

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