Virgin Media inks jPod deal

UK cable operator Virgin Media has struck a deal with distributor Fireworks International to launch its Douglas Coupland-penned comedy jPod via its video-on-demand service.

The move marks the first time that the 13-part series, which was produced by I’m Feeling Lucky Productions for Canadian public broadcaster CBC, will bow in the UK. Virgin Media video-on-demand viewers will be able to watch the show on its TV Choice service for two months in standard definition and high definition.

The series, which is an adaptation of the Coupland novel, follows the lives of five co-workers at a video game company as they work in the basement. Douglas Coupland told TBIvision last year that the tone of the show is equal parts drama and comedy in a sweet and heartfelt way. “It’s a hyper reality,” he says.

Coupland added that he launched the series with a number of online elements in mind, suitable for an on-demand launch.” I am the king of digression. God bless the website. There are always wonderful moments that no-one sees on the television and no-one watches the extra bits on the DVD. The JPOD site is a garden of wonderful asides,” he adds.

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