Gabe Sachs: 90210

Gabe Sachs and writing partner Jeff Judah are the creative powerhouses behind 90210, the modern day reworking of hit 90s series Beverly Hills 90210, the pressure is on Gabe Sachs to deliver. The much-hyped show has just been given a full season order and is attracting considerable press attention with a flurry of stories about which stars from the original show were in or out of the new version.

Sachs has worked on several primetime shows including Freaks & Geeks, Life as We Know It and What About Brian.
There has been huge buzz surrounding 90210, does that ramp up the pressure? 
Yes, we have never this much attention when starting out on a show, it has been nerve-wracking. There’s huge pressure, I felt that every second the day, but in a fun way.   
How did you end up on 90210? 
Jeff and I didn’t watch the original but we were approached by the CW for the show. Rob Thomas had written the first draft of a script, so there was a story that we picked up. Jeff and I had to think about it, the original was such a huge hit, this was a huge responsibility.   

So, you were mindful of the legacy of the original show
Yes, we sat down with the CW and Paramount and looked at what made the original so successful and made people love it. But the world has changed so much since the original and we thought it was really interesting to see how that affects the show. For example, there’s new technology that impacts everyone – now everyone is texting on their cell phone or chatting online.  
How important was it to have some of the stars from the original show? 
We have the framework of the old show and the old and new can’t be two different shows. But if the entire old cast came back it would be a different show.  
Jennie Garth and Shannon Doherty are back. Will any other Beverly Hills alumni be joining up – any of the guys?
I have exchanged calls with Luke [Perry], but I haven’t spoken to the others. I don’t know if the boys are trying to walk away from the characters from the earlier show.    
Who do you think the show appeals to? 
We’d love to get the 15-to-34s and people in their mid-30s that watched the original.    
The original was incredibly popular around the world, have you thought about whether 90210 will work internationally?
I spoke to as many buyers as possible at the LA Screenings. I think audiences will buy into that Beverly Hills lifestyle, the clothes, the mansions etc.         

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