Metronome launches in the US

Nordic-based producer and distributor Metronome has launched a US subsidiary and will start shopping its catalogue of formats to US broadcasters. The company has recently sold its Clash of the Choirs format to NBC and Single Moms to TLC and wants to capitalise upon opportunities in the US.

Metronome COO Michael Porseryd told TBIvision that the US market is increasingly receptive to European formats.

"The British companies that have brought formats to the US have really opened up the market," Porseryd said. "They have helped to make the American market accept programmes and ideas from Europe."

Porseryd will head up the new operation and split his time between Europe and the US. Jock Millgårdh and Mattias Olsson from Metronome-owned production company Friday TV will permanently relocate to the Los Angeles office, which opens for business in September.

Metronome has been working with US agent and ex-ICM staffer Steve Wall to get its shows into the US. Friday TV created both of the formats sold into the country. "We need top have our top creative people have the right inspiration and surroundings," said Porseryd.

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