Television Business International

Ozie Boo

The show: Ozie Boo

The producer: Esteban Productions, Cyber Group Animation

The distributor: Cyber Group Animation, Porchlight

Concept: Animated series following five baby penguins as they hang out with a baby Siberian tiger

Airing: V-Me (US), France 5, Disney Channel (Germany, Italy), Cartoon Network (India, Australia)

French production company Cyber Group Animation has been making a name for itself recently by partnering with former Disney chief Michael Eisner’s digital production company Vuguru as a co-production partner on web series such as Foreign Body and The All-For-Nots.

But the company has already built a successful kids business, with the break out animated series Ozie Boo, racking up sales in more than 100 territories in 22 languages.

Now, the show, which follows the adventures of five baby penguins, a baby Siberian tiger, a couple of troublesome polar bear cubs and an albatross, is set to be turned in to a high definition movie. Cyber Group is currently in pre-production with the movie, which will bow next year.

"We’re in development with eight new series, three of which are in the pre-school field," says Pierre Sissman, president of Cyber Group Animation.

Other kids projects in development include Bambala-Ye, which follows an African rock band and their trouble making manager and will be produced in association with music from record label EMI. It is also in negotiations for Tatonka, a 52x13mins series that it will be taking to Cartoon Forum with production partner Porchlight.