Edinburgh’s International TV Festival

Jeremy Corbyn: A British Digital Corporation could counteract influence of Netflix, Amazon

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said that a sister corporation should be set up for the BBC to counteract the dominance of tech platforms such as Netflix, as he delivered the Alternative McTaggart speech at Edinburgh’s International TV Festival. A British Digital Corporation should combine expert knowledge, the latest technology and public assets to deliver information […]

YouTube to potentially place premium unscripted shows in front of paywall

Luke Hyams, head of the newly formed originals unit at YouTube EMEA, discussed the shows he’s looking for on the platform, including potential high-profile unscripted titles that may be placed in front of its paywall. During a panel session at Edinburgh’s International TV Festival, Hyams (right) discussed the programming he is looking to commission for […]

Anthology Group emerges from Bob & Co.

A new UK production group is set to emerge from the re-organisation of the Bob & Co group of companies. Bob Benton and his partner Hilary Strong announced in Edinburgh today that the new entity will be called the Anthology Group and will bring together six television and film production companies (two of them entirely […]