Show of the week: The Super Heroes Of Nature

Aimed at 4- to 10-year-olds and families, this children’s hybrid animation opens up the natural world for young viewers with a deep dive into the lives of organisms both large and small. Written by Charlotte Schmidt, the 30 x 3-minute series uses playful metaphors and references to popular culture, to take an often funny and […]

Show of the week: Stinky Dog

This 2D animation is set to have its exclusive world premiere at this year’s MIP Junior, where Emmy Award-winning French producer and distributor Dandelooo will be showcasing the first two episodes of the slapstick series. The 52 x 11 minute show has been commissioned by France Télévisions and is based on the series of books […]

Toon execs work towards a European Women in Animation group

Corinne Kouper, head of development and executive producer at TeamTO is working with Lenora Hume, head of production at Shut Up! Cartoons and TeamTo’s rep in Los Angeles, to try to establish a French or Europe-wide group representing women in the animation industry. There is already a US Women in Animation advocacy group (logo pictured), […]