CBC and producers: Netflix should contribute to Canuck content

Canadian public broadcaster the CBC and the Canadian producers’ association have called for Netflix to be included in rules that require broadcasters to invest in local content.

NetflixNetflix has been investing heavily in original drama, which until recently was exclusively coming out of the US. It has recently ordered a UK-produced royal drama series, The Crown, and it is also expected to start making French shows as it gears up for launch there.

It has not, however, made any original Canadian drama and pubcaster the CBC said Netflix and other over the top services generating over C$25 million (US$23.5 million) a year from Canadian services should be required to contribute to the country’s media fund, which is used to help finance locally originated content.

The pubcaster stated its position in a submission to the country’s media regulator, the CRTC, which is conducting a review of the TV sector entitled Let’s Talk TV.

The Canadian Media Production Association, which represents the country’s indie producers, also called for Netflix and other over the top services to be open to the Canadian content obligations as their importance and market share increases.

Opening the Let’s Talk TV review late last year, the CRTC said that 21% of English-speakers in Canada subscribed to Netflix and 5% of the country’s French-speakers.

Netflix is opposed to the tax, arguing it is a ‘Netflix tax’ that would lead to price rises for Canadian consumers.

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