TBI Weekly: How Amazon & Netflix are supercharging France’s format market

Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have both enjoyed huge recent success with unscripted formats in France. Marie-Agnès Bruneau reports on what’s next and where opportunities lie France’s format market is in flux as growing demand from local broadcasters and streamers fuels a new wave of unscripted programming across the country. Both Amazon and Netflix have […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: On the trail of North America’s TV & streaming trends for 2023

North America’s TV & online video ecosystems are changing fast, with consolidation, sports and TVOD all likely to affect the industry over the next 12 months. Omdia’s principal analysts Sarah Henschel provides her key trends as we look ahead to 2023. In 2022, content owners and platform operators have continued to increase focus on integrating […]

TBI Scripted: Ron Perlman on the movie star exodus to the small screen

Ron Perlman, star of The Capture, Sons Of Anarchy and much more over his five-decade career, tells Mark Layton why the best of Hollywood are moving to the small screen – and what it spells for the movie industry The line between TV and film has grown increasingly blurred, with exploding scripted budgets and ambition […]

Opinion: Me, Myself & MIPCOM

Can Cannes be more glorious than it has been this week? Temperatures of 25 degrees certainly made this the return that MIPCOM deserved. Full diaries, full restaurants and, I believe, full hearts. My only sadness… I did not get to meet the power woman in town, Alyssa Milano! I have to type fast – because […]

Exclusive: How to rescue a scripted series from cancellation

Shows get cancelled all the time, but a fortunate few get a second chance when a new network or platform steps in to renew them. Mark Layton finds out what it takes to pull a series back from the brink It is never welcome news when a show gets cancelled, but it can feel particularly […]

Exclusive: Nicola Shindler breaks down Quay Street’s debut slate

Nicola Shindler, founder of Quay Street Productions, talks Mark Layton through the first titles to debut from her new firm and shares her thoughts on the state of the scripted industry Quay Street Productions, the scripted firm launched last year by former StudioCanal UK boss and Red Production Company founder Nicola Shindler, is bringing its […]

Exclusive: What the future holds for Europe’s public broadcasters

Public broadcasters face pressure like never before, with squeezed budgets and their very funding models under intense scrutiny. Marie-Agnès Bruneau takes a trip around Europe to find out what’s happening across the continent Europe’s public service media have faced turbulent times of late, as the traditional licence fee funding model faces challenges across the continent. […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: How Amazon has stayed ahead of the AVOD game

While global streamers such as Netflix and Disney+ are readying themselves to add AVOD tiers to their services, Amazon has been doing this for some time – offering such an option since 2019. Originally known as IMDb Freedive, then IMDb TV, and finally Freevee, the ad-supported option first appeared in the US as a carousel […]