Opinion: Content… where for art thou?

European format expert Siobhan Crawford pulls back the curtain on where to look for content and puts out a call for the most original formats coming to market. We are all looking for content. The more original the better. The more formatted, the better for me! And we know where it ends up, on our screens or on our […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Digging into Netflix & Amazon’s int’l strategies

  Tim Westcott, Omdia’s senior principal analyst, digital content and channels, delves into the differing international strategies of streaming giants Netflix and Amazon, and the challenges they each face as US studios increasingly go DTC. SVOD services backed by US studios are rolling out internationally, posing a challenge to Amazon and Netflix. Local broadcasters are […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Why SVOD giants have embraced non-US content

Tim Westcott, Omdia’s senior principal analyst, digital content and channels, explores why Netflix and Amazon Prime Video continue to invest in non-US programming, despite pandemic-driven impacts on new original content launches. Netflix is under pressure from investors after its disappointing first quarter results and full year forecasts, but as a powerhouse of original content it […]

TBI In Conversation: John Irwin talks Shakira, TikTok & NBC’s ‘Dancing With Myself’

John Irwin, president of LA-based production house Irwin Entertainment, talks to TBI’s Mark Layton about competition format Dancing With Myself, its TikTok roots, and his hopes ahead of its launch today on NBC. Produced by Irwin, alongside Universal Television Alternative Studio, Dancing With Myself sees fun-loving dancers from all walks of life and of all ages […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: How producers can outfox the NFT scammers

After a recent NFT scam led to a halt in production, consultant solicitor Julian Wilkins offers his expert view on what redress is available to the show’s creator – and what steps producers can take to further secure their digital assets. Last week, TBI reported on Seth Green, the co-creator of Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken, […]

How Collective Media gave new wings to Smithsonian’s ‘Air Warriors’

Andrew Barron, series producer at UK factual prodco Collective Media Group, discusses taking over production duties for the tenth season of Smithsonian Channel’s Air Warriors, and how adding CGI and human dimension have helped to refresh the legacy show. The old saying ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ comes to mind. Each episode of […]

TBI In Conversation: How India reinvented US anti-hero ‘Ray Donovan’

Locomotive Global’s Sunder Aaron tells TBI’s Mark Layton what lies behind India’s scripted formats boom and how his own local language remake, Rana Naidu, will reinterpret a US anti-hero with a Bollywood spin. The streaming revolution has been a global affair, but few scripted markets have received quite so dramatic a transformation as India has […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Unpacking Netflix’s most-watched shows in Q1 2022

Netflix suffered a battering from investors after its first quarter 2022 results, but how did its expensively assembled line-up of content perform with subscribers in the same period? Omdia’s Tim Westcott & TBI’s Richard Middleton delve into the data. Netflix has had downturns before but few come close to the overnight decline it suffered earlier […]

Opinion: FOMO, formats & the market

European format specialist Siobhan Crawford questions just how much the fear of missing out on opportunities is having an impact on the shape of the industry and which shows make it to the screen. In writing these articles, I have been questioning this industry that I love, and a thought that came to mind is […]