TF1 in France & Vox in Germany remake HBO Max dating format ‘My Mum, Your Dad’

Hélène Mannarino

TF1 in France and Vox in Germany have greenlit local remakes of HBO Max’s dating format My Mum, Your Dad.

The show, which was created by father-daughter duo Greg Daniels and Haley Daniels with ITV America’s ITV Entertainment, is being produced by ITV Studios France and ITV Studios Germany in their respective markets.

The format follows a group of single parents who have been nominated by their young adult kids for a second chance at love.

Audiences are able to follow the single parents as they live together at a country house retreat but unbeknownst to the participants, their grown-up kids are also watching on and get the opportunity to play matchmaker, deciding their mum or dad’s dating fate.

The show (previously known as The Romance Retreat) is being prepped in the UK for ITV1 and ITVX, while local versions have also aired on TV4 in Sweden and Nine Network in Australia, where a second season is underway. ThreeNow and Three have also commissioned the show in New Zealand.

Ruth Berry, MD of global partnerships at ITVS, said: “My Mum, Your Dad is one of the most exciting formats we have seen for a long time – full of heart and laughter, but oh my god is it awkward! We’ve been desperate to talk about how well it’s been selling, but there’s only so much we can share when it comes to a format like this.”

My Mum, Your Dad originated in the US, produced by ITV Entertainment in association with Rombola Entertainment for HBO Max. ITVS distributes the format and all finished versions of the show internationally.

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