HBO Max Spain orders ‘Time Zone’, video-game inspired competition format

Time Zone

HBO Max in Spain has commissioned Time Zone, a new “extreme” competition show from Banijay Iberia label Zeppelin, which created the format alongside EndemolShine Nederland.

The series, which is set to air this summer, is set in Time City, a huge, abandoned facility where 10 contestants will play a “real-world video game.”

Esports presenter and streamer Cristinini will portray the ‘Master of Time’. Who challenges the players to take on challenges of mental and physical skill.

Time is everything in the format, as at the end of each round, the player with the least amount of it remaining is eliminated. However, ‘time zones’ scattered around the arena offer a few minutes of relief, because when players are inside them, time will stop.

Each task also offers the chance to win a reward, from receiving extra seconds to stealing minutes from their teammates. In the final level, a player must face the Master of Time in an epic duel, where only one can walk away triumphant.

Miguel Martín and Floren Abad are executive producers for Zeppelin with Miguel Salvat and Annelies Sitvast the executive producers for HBO Max.

Zeppelin is behind shows such as Big Brother Spain and is also the creator of original formats like The Bridge (El Puente).

Miguel Martín, MD of Zeppelin, said: “Time Zone is a strategic game we have been fortunate to create together with EndemolShine Nederland and HBO Max– both who have trusted in this pioneering format. There is nothing like it… 10 brave participants completely immersed in a unique show totally inspired by video games, in terms of look and language.”

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