Toonz & Kenn Viselman team to launch Itsy Bitsy Animation

Kenn Viselmann

Itsy Bitsy Entertainment, the firm led by kids & family entertainment producer Kenn Viselman, has partnered with India’s Toonz Media Group to launch Itsy Bitsy Animation.

The new company will focus on creating both animated family feature films and television series that “inspire empathy, compassion and belly laughs.” Itsy Bitsy Animation aims to introduce one new project a year, beginning with a title based around Viselman’s existing Li’l Pet Hospital brand.

Viselman has worked on numerous major kids franchises, including as a production partner on Teletubbies, while leading marketing efforts on Thomas The Tank Engine.

Toonz, meanwhile, is behind kids series including Sindbad & The 7 Galaxies, Lucky Fred and Gummybear & Friends, with a distibution arm, Toonz Entertainment, that sells shows including shows such as Pinocchio And Friends, Zoonicorn and Rat-a-tat.

The partnership will also see Toonz join companies such as MeteoHeroes, ICEE and Atlanta Children’s Film Festival on Viselman’s newly formed online “entertainment emporium”, Itsy Bitsy World of Wonders ( which Viselman believes help to level the playing field for independent creators.

“It has been a dream of mine to have a home for my work and thanks to the inspiring and glorious team at Toonz that dream is now a reality” said Viselman.

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