Disney+ Hotstar & BBC Studios India prep mystery drama ‘School Of Lies’

School Of Lies

Disney+ Hotstar has linked up with BBC Studios (BBCS) India for its latest drama, this time a Hindi-language show that explores a mystery around a missing child.

School Of Lies, which drops 2 June, has been co-created by Avinash Arun, who directs, and Ishani Banerjee. The story explores how a boarding school’s dark secrets start to emerge following the mysterious disappeareance of a 12-year-old boy.

It is not clear which rights Disney+ Hotstar has taken to the eight-parter, whose cast includes Varin Roopani, Divyansh Dwivedi, Aryan Singh Ahlawat, Hemant Kher, Parthiv Shetty, Adrija Sinha and Aalekh Kapoor.

BBCS India already has a series of shows in the works for Disney+ Hotstar, including the upcoming Telugu adaptation of the UK’s Dead Pixels and the third season of Criminal Justice, also a remake of the UK original. The latter is produced by Applause Entertainment in association with BBCS.

Arun described School Of Lies as “a story that we all have read in the news at least once in our lives – students getting bullied and facing multiple issues in school.”

Sameer Gogate, GM of production at BBCS India, added: “The story is about a boarding school that is plagued by the disappearance of a young boy and exposes the systemic failures and the plight to unravel the truth, while showcasing the myriad of emotions and situations children face every day as they brace life. It brings to light the intricate lives of young students as they grow up, their families and the boarding school ecosystem.”

Disney+ Hotstar has lost around 8 million subscribers since October, having lost both the Indian Premier League Cricket (IPL) and HBO content, after its deal with Warner Bros. Discovery ended. Rival Viacom18 picked up both sets of rights.

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