Fox dishes up double order for more ‘Next Level Chef’

Next Level Chef

Fox has ordered two more seasons of Gordon Ramsay’s cooking competition Next Level Chef.

“Serving up two more orders of Next Level Chef was an easy decision on the heels of an incredible sophomore season, propelled by its historic post-Super Bowl debut,” said Allison Wallach, president of unscripted programming at Fox Entertainment, revealing commissions for a third and fourth season.

“Gordon has orchestrated a series that brilliantly demands skill and creativity in a tri-level pressure cooker, delivering high stakes, high drama and some of the most innovative cooking I’ve ever seen.”

BiggerStage and Studio Ramsay will produce the new seasons on behalf of Studio Ramsay Global, with Ramsay and Matt Cahoon serving as executive producers.

The format sees participants taking on a culinary gauntlet, designed by Ramsay and set on a stage more than three stories high, with each floor contains a very different kitchen.

From the glistening top floor to the challenging bottom of the basement, the ingredients match the environment, because Ramsay believes the true test of great chefs is not only what they can do in the best of circumstances, but what kind of magic they can create in the worst.

Ramsay will be joined by fellow mentor chefs Nyesha Arrington and Richard Blais, who scour the country for the very best line cooks, home chefs, social media stars and everything in between, so they all can compete against one another with the goal of finding the food world’s newest superstar – who will walk away with a cash prize of $250,000.

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