Hulu gets inside killers’ minds in docuseries ‘The Lesson Is Murder’

The Lesson Is Murder

US streamer Hulu has ordered a new docuseries from ABC News Studios, which delves into the minds of murderers.

The three-part The Lesson Is Murder, debuts on Hulu on 23 March and follows criminologist and former FBI special agent Dr Bryanna Fox, who now teaches at a university, as she and her graduate students interview three killers on camera.

Produced in association with Lone Wolf Media, the series probes the minds of each murderer to develop psychological profiles for each of them and uncover new insights into their motives.

Among the interviewees are serial killer Will Davis, a former nurse who was convicted of killing four patients. While his motive has remained a mystery, Davis tells all to Dr. Fox in his first-ever broadcast interview from death row.

The team also develops a profile of former public safety officer Robert Fratta, who was convicted of killing his wife in a murder-for-hire plot and Ivié DeMolina, who was convicted of leading a series of robberies that left two men dead.

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