Newen’s iZen launches factual prodco with Tomás Ocaña

Tomas Ocaña

iZen, the Spanish subsidiary of Newen Studios, has launched a new factual production company, Capa Spain, in partnership with director, executive producer and investigative journalist Tomás Ocaña.

The new firm will focus on developing international documentaries in Spain and throughout the wider Hispanic market, and will operate as a sister company to the Newen’s French prodco Capa.

Ocaña’s latest docuseries, Lucy In The Spiderweb, was produced for the Spanish OTT platform RTVEPlay, while his other works include GAL, The Triangle’ an investigative podcast that he is now converting into a docuseries.

Since 2017, Ocaña has also lead his own production firm, The Facto Productions, based in Madrid and Miami, which tells general interest stories “that others can’t or won’t reveal.”

His journalistic career has seen him involved in investigations around the Panama Papers and Swiss Leaks, and through his career he has revealed stories about crime, gambling, corruption, drug trafficking, environmental destruction, labor exploitation and fraud.

Ocaña, who will serve as head of Capa Spain, said that the new company will “tell the best stories by combining the rigor of journalism and the narrative of fiction. It is meant to be a guarantee of quality, rigor and fast-paced storytelling to produce highly relevant docuseries.”

He added that: “Spain is a strategic point for many of the great stories, which makes it the perfect place to undertake a project like this, from our territory but looking at the whole world”.

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